Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring is Here (Well at least Cardinal Baseball anyway)

This is my favorite time of the year, the time when the trees start to become green again, the flowers bloom, the sun stays out longer and baseball reigns supreme.

Kim has learned this is a special time of year and has just accepted it as part of our married life. I was a bit skeptical about the start of the season as most of the household names with the Cardinals have moved on to other places. I have been pleasantly surprised to see the Cardinals have started out at a 6-2 clip. Hopefully the team can keep it together long enough to be in contention when Mark Mulder and Chris Carpenter return this summer.

I must say that I do love Kim and the liberty she provides me and my love for the Cardinals.

On a lighter note, you can check out Morgan's cute easter dress on Kim's blog


Lindsay said...

Jeff and Kim,
Hey I saw a link to your blog from Anna's and had to take a look. What a cute family! We are excited too for the Cardinals. My boys are really getting into baseball and Grandpa is taking them to a game this year. They can not wait.
Take care,
Lindsay (Fortner) Russell

The Ames Family said...

Hey! I'm just suprised I lasted this long in Idaho period. As for the backgrounds go, tell your wife she can go to this website
however if she wants to pick out pre-made pages, I recommend it because its fast and easy, but I do have an e-mail I can send her with instruction on how to create your own background using html codes and digital scrapbooking. So if she wants that email send me her email address and I'll forward it to her! So are you guys in Denver?

ryan and berni said...

Jeff-not even attempting to talk sports with you. Remember our softball team? Yeah, that's all I gotta say. One random question though... "has your wife seen a pic of you yet in your superhero costume?" We're talking one sexy batman people.

K.M.L said...

I am so glad you are supporting the Cards from Colorado! Woohoo! -Kasey