Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a Weekend

Kim is such a doll. I am not sure if she knew what I was when she picked me up, but she let me watch 3 ball games yesterday. We started off with the BYU-Utah game. I am not sure if my old ticker can handle these last minute theatrics BYU seems to provide, but as long as a win is procured, all is well.

Then it was on to the Picture in Picture game of Missouri vs. Kansas for the chance to play in the Big 12 Championship Game. Anyone who grew up in Missouri in the late 80's and through the 90's know how awful Mizzou was in football. They were the bottom feeders of the Big 8 and then the Big 12. I was very excited to see them pull out a victory.

The other game on was the BYU basketball game versus #1 ranked North Carolina. What a game it turned out to be. BYU played strong almost the entire game and it took everything North Carolina had (granted their point guard was out) to preserve the win. I am excited to see how the season turns out.

All in all, I am sure it was a long day for Kim. But she is a trooper and I couldn't have asked for a better spouse. Now it's on to the Drew Barrymore movie pack she bought (Never Been Kissed, Ever After and Fever Pitch) I guess nothing comes for free :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

All Is Well In Denver

To all our faithful readers, we are officially in Denver. What a great city so far. Kim has been able to navigate her way around thanks to the Garmin Street Pilot c330. What a marvelous invention the navigation systems are. Kim has been a real champ to help this move take place. She packed our entire house in Utah and then basically unpacked our apartment in Denver. What a saint.

I have been living out of a suit case for the last month, going back and forth between Orem and Denver. I did learn quickly how the fans of Denver show their fairweather colors. We got here just in time for the World Series. The Rockies averaged just over 24,000 fans a game during the regular season, but managed to sell out all the playoff games, almost double the attendance. I guess it is fair to say that no fans compare to those from the 'Lou.
As for work, my brother in law, Benson, and I purchased a water consulting business. We have 13 employees and we service the greater Denver area and their water needs. When I say water needs, think deep into your soul and perhaps look deep into your toilet and there you will find a portion of what we do. Thank goodness that is only a portion, as we also work with drinking water, helping municipalities organize and create their water systems, sell hot tub UV lamps, Re-ionators as well as many other products. In addition, we sell chemicals to the local municipalities and general public. There is a lot of potential to grow the company and I very excited to have this opportunity.

Morgan had her first birthday on October 13. She got more than any other one year old that I can remember. She was very thankful to all for the gifts she got. It appeared the hit of the evening was the piano uncle Stew provided to her. Nothing like having a noise making object in your home. I have a set of drums on order for when Stew has his first child.

Morgan wanted a baby doll really bad.

Kim helping Morgan blow out the candles.

Morgan hasn't learned the intricacies of using silverware yet.

Realizing she has forgotten her manners.

The Aftermath

Well I hope to be more diligent in putting posts up and keeping those diligent readers of the Sucher blog up to date on the happenings.