Friday, August 10, 2007

BYU Football is near...

My dear friend Logan Roberts has posted a countdown to BYU football on his blog, so I will refer you there if you have the itch to see the hours to kickoff. I am however, just as excited to have BYU football once again in my life. From the sounds of things on the local sports talk radio, the Cougars are looking sharp in practice. I am a bit nervous about Max Hall, as he is a bundle of high energy and sometimes tries to zip the ball into double and triple coverages.
Depending on where we will be during football season, I am expecting to be at 9 games this year, once again pending where our residence will be. BYU is stockpiled with talent on both sides of the ball this year and it should be another exciting season to watch. I am a bit saddened that one of the starting DB's is now gone for the year, Dustin Gabriel, who is out with a foot injury. All in all, I think this could be a 10-2 year depending on injuries and Max Hall's decision making.

Kim says the only time she hears me sing is when BYU scores and the fight song is played. While that may be true, I hope to sing it is often this year as I did last. Go Cougars!