Friday, February 22, 2008

Clifford - My New Enemy

Morgan is becoming accustomed to what TV programs are on at what times of the day. It just happens that Clifford comes on a 7 am each weekday. Most of the time I am up and its not that big of a deal, but there are a few days I can sleep until 7:30 or 8:00. She does the same routine of waking up and fussing a bit until we give her a bottle. But no sooner than she has the bottle in her mouth, she has the remote in her hand and asking "Please" and pointing to the TV. I guess that we perhaps brought it on ourself one day as we turned it on to give her something to do while we were getting ready. Alas, out child is becoming addicted to the Big Red Dog.

I used to have a great love for Clifford myself, but I now I see him as my sworn enemy.


nat said...

It could be worse, a lot worse. It's called Teletubbies or Boohbah. *Shudder*. Hey thanks for teaching Kim how to upload pictures! Nat

Mr. Roberts said...

Melissa is Melissa Brems. let's see, I dated her when I worked for the paper, so you should have been, maybe not - winter semester 2004. She was a Comm major and had a twin sister - little blonde girl from Oregon.

ryan and berni said...


What kind of parent would let the tv babysit there child? :)
haha. Your kid is a cutie. We got this link off the Henry's blog so it's there fault that you will now get sarcastic and vulgar comments on your blog. ps, that was from Berni. Good to see you guys are doing well. Our blog is on the Henrys too. Have a good one.
Ryan and Berni Button

nat said...

Hey Jeff congrats on the test! And update your blog! (Please) :)

Lainey said...

AAA! She and Adrie share a common passion. Adrie watches Clifford (or Curious George) as I get ready - and now it's become a die-hard part of her morning routine. Who knew an 18 month-old's opinions could be so intense huh!